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How IT Automation is Saving Companies Time and Money

Previously I wrote about the benefits of SD-WAN as a way to save companies both time and money. Going beyond the WAN discussion, automation exists to further push the envelope of how you can use technology to perform tasks, allowing IT teams to accelerate. Custom automation services provide many...

Managing Shadow IT and the Rise of the 'Rogue Many'

Name an organization, large or small, and that organization has experienced the rise of shadow IT. You’d be naive to think otherwise. Shadow IT is not an overnight problem either. The rapid pace in which it came on the radar of IT leaders is a result of our cloud and app hungry society.

Leading with Voice and Value - An interview with Lynn Child

For the last four decades, Lynn Child has been pioneering technological innovations with the fierce determination of any great entrepreneur. Today, she leads as president and co-founder of CentraComm, an industry-leading IT services provider, yet stops short of taking the credit for her...

4 Ideas to reshape IT's reputation

We’ve all heard it said. Frankly, the phrase makes us cringe and acts as an early adrenaline rush to our pride and instantly puts us in a fight or flight mindset. 

4 Signs you may be Stuck in the IT Echo Chamber

There is a term commonly used, especially in the IT world, that has become our crutch for complacency: