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5 reasons you shouldn't worry about partnering with another VAR

Posted by Sally Oates February 8, 2017 Partnering, Vars Var

Note: Many acronyms are used throughout this piece including VAR (an IT value-added reseller) and VARs VAR (a third party value-added reseller).

If you're a value-added reseller (VAR), many things stand in the way of more business opportunities. Competition, sublime marketing, lack of experience, and even pride are all factors that can hamstring us from hitting our business goals. Before an IT VAR considers bringing in a VARs VAR to solve their customer’s needs, they must consider many factors. These include costs, the potential effect on the customer relationship, and anything that could impact the brand perception of the VAR. These considerations though are heavily outweighed by the benefits that are introduced when you develop a lasting and prosperous relationship with one of your industry peers.

Here are five reasons why you should welcome, not dread, partnering with a VARs VAR.

Reason 1: An efficient VARs VAR will coordinate and communicate along with you

No matter how good a VARs VAR is, their efforts still need to be coordinated with those within your organization. Since CXOs and VPs have more important things to do than micromanage new technology deployments and project schedules, that task is going to go to someone else (probably ). This is why partnering with a highly organized and reputable VARs VAR is crucial to the happiness and integrity of your customer relationships. Do your due diligence and ask a potential VARs VAR about their project management process, seek referral information, and above all else, prioritize the needs of your customer before the margin of your deals.

Download A CentraComm Vars Var Project Use Case PDF

Reason 2: An outside VARs VAR will free up more time for high-level pursuits

If a VARs VAR is handling the day-to-day operations of an organization's project, then your company has more time to focus on the big-picture stuff. Bringing in a VARs VAR lets you subcontract the drudgery, and instead concentrate on strategic technology needs — in other words, the fun stuff. Publically we are all driven by the same metric, increased sales! Privately, we all have a hidden metric we want more of too, time! A VARs VAR can help you satisfy both time and sales.

5reasonsmeme.jpgReason 3: An outside VARs VAR will free up resources while delivering superior service

Typically, a VARs VAR is brought in when your company's talent is specialized in other areas or you lack the headcount to deliver at the scale or on the timeline for your customer. Don’t be discouraged in this reality as every VAR finds themselves in this position, even us. What many companies don't consider is that a VARs VAR is in this business because they offer a niche skill set that takes years to develop. This introduces a win-win situation for your customers. They receive a specialized level of service specific to their needs and you strengthen your relationship with your customer. Your customer cares about the successful delivery of their solution, not the vehicle that brings it.

Reason 4: Leave the mess to the VARs VAR

A specialized VARs VAR is less prone to make the kinds of mistakes that may lead to, for example, an extended disruption of services. Because of their defined talent set, extensive experience, and agreed upon SLAs, utilizing a VARs VAR tends to be a more pleasant experience for your customer. Win! Not to mention you’ll be able to avoid those uncomfortable meetings that can take place with customers complaining about underperforming networks and negative feedback from their users.

Reason 5: A VARs VAR makes you look like a superhero

A VARs VAR will generally cost much less, incur fewer problems, fix problems faster, and provide better customer service when compared to a manufacturer providing the same services. What sales rep wouldn't want to want to walk into a meeting with the CEO and take credit for all these improvements? 

What sort of relationships have you experienced in working with a VARs VAR? In our early years, CentraComm had to learn its way through this process and discover the good and bad habits that impact the success of projects. It’s this time proven experience that has allowed us to provide successful engagements with our VAR partners and their valued customers resulting in a trusted relationship.

Download A CentraComm Vars Var Project Use Case PDF

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